You never really can fix my heart

Sofie. Sweden. I blog about whatever I want but mostly Castle, Lost Girl and Once Upon a Time. Grey's Anatomy, Rizzoli & Isles, Rent, Glee and Wicked show up from time to time. My OTPs are Swan Queen, Calzona, Rizzles, Doccubus, Valcubus and Caskett! I love Angie Harmon, Stana Katic, Kate Winslet, Lana Parrilla, Rachel Skarsten and Demi Lovato. I suffer from depression, anxiety and panic disorder. No longer suicidal and recovering self harmer. This blog will contain triggering posts from time to time. If you want to know something else just ask :) I AM NOT A SPOILER FREE BLOG!! people in a pretty pink bubble